Letters: Wednesday, May 15, 2003
Yesterday’s Wine

To the editor: I really enjoyed the Willie Nelson article in Fort Worth Weekly (“Poet, Picker, Prophet,” May 1, 2003). It brought back some memories of mine I will share. Would have been around 1972, I walked into an old club in Dallas named 57 Doors down on Cedar Springs Road, paid my $5 cover charge, went in to see some country guy named Willie Nelson, and came away a true convert — probably the best way to see Willie for the first time: no preconceived notions. Whiskey River really did take my mind that night!

Follow-up story: About 10 months later I am still looking for this Willie Nelson band and spreading the word. I wander into Dave Mander’s Handlebar restaurant and bar up on LBJ Freeway and there is Willie again playing for the same $5 cover. I’m on Cloud Nine, finding the band again by chance. Got a beer and settled in for the show. About two songs in, a major fight breaks out in the back of the club — a real bar fight complete with broken chairs and pool cues. Willie looks up, glances back to the fight, and never misses a beat. I go up to the stage and motion the bass player, Bee Spears, over and tell him how much I like the music and Willie. One thing leads to another and he asks if I have anything to smoke after the show. Not on me, but back at my apartment, no problem. After the show, driving an old Winnebago, Bee follows me back to my apartment. We pick up some party favors and head to meet some “friends” of the band at a Holiday Inn in Mesquite. I end up spending all night at the Holiday Inn with Bee and most of the rest of the band. We had a great time. Willie wasn’t there but most of the guys were.

My “almost famous” story.

Thanks for a great article and thanks for helping an old dentist escape back to his wild youth during his lunch hour.

Jordan Minyard

Fort Worth

To the editor: I was reading your piece on Willie; guess we all worship the man. I’ve had similar experiences, and he never failed to amaze me. From one fan to another, may I say wonderful job on your article, and I will be catching your work from now on. Kudos and see ya at the shows. God bless you.

Jason Aldridge

Fort Worth

To the editor: I don’t know Jeff Prince, which in and of itself is amazing since I have lived here — Fort Worth — since my TCU days in the mid ’60s and know just about every soul in town from one place or another. But I just wanted to join the long list of persons who I’m sure are heaping praise and kudos upon you regarding your most heartfelt and uncommonly well-written story regarding one of my personal heroes, Willie Nelson (the epitome of a red-blooded Texan if ever there was one).

I was born and raised in close proximity (San Antonio) to Willie’s Austin/Dripping Springs area “stomping ground” and feel a particularly filial relationship with this amazingly talented, dedicated, affable icon of what many of us have come to call “Texas-style country music.” Like you, I too have met him in person (many years ago) and found him to be most amiable, unassuming, and approachable. Your story was most entertaining and informative, and you seemed to cover so many pertinent things throughout the man’s entire life with surprising ease and grace in a style that was free-flowing, yet amazingly all-encompassing.

My sincere compliments to you on doing such a fine, thorough, yet concise job in accomplishing such a daunting task, given the prolific nature of your subject. Keep up the good work, and I shall look forward to reading more from you whenever possible.

Bill Jackson

Fort Worth

To the editor: Your feature on Willie Nelson was very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I could write like that.

Pat McDowell


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