Hearsay: Wednesday, March 27, 2003
F**k Dallas

HearSay loves (read: likes) Dallas bands as much as the next local rock critic — but not nearly as much as the Startlegram’s Malcolm Mayhew, a great writer who unfortunately seems to have made it his mission to stay strapped to his desk chair and do phoners with bands from Denton, Arlington, Dallas, and, I dunno, Sweden. (But that’s OK: We’ll let him have those locales; HearSay’ll remain true-school to Fort Worth for y’all.) It’s just that when you’re paid to write for a Fort Worth paper, you’d better be writing about Fort Worth bands — or at least bands with some close Cowtown connection. (A likely explanation for HearSay’s resistance to granting column inches to any Dallas band: The Fort Worth Weekly can be found chiefly in Fort Worth locations; you can’t get the paper anywhere in Dallas. And, ya know, we here at the Weekly aim to please our readers ... our Fort Worth readers.) Those Fort Worth scenesters who’ve come to learn HearSay’s true identity (drunkest person in the back of the bar, 5´2´´, 320 lbs.) know how quickly your columnist can vacate a club once it’s revealed that the bands on the bill are from the Big D. The only thing that kept HearSay around for King Zero’s show a few weeks ago was the fact that the band was sandwiched between a few Fort Worth acts, including headliners, the tight and moody Morning Overboard.

Fact: HearSay can pull magic out its ass. (Usually happens when the weekend’s on its way and HearSay hasn’t written a single word yet.) Case in point: After hanging around for the King Zero show and being properly spellbound by the band’s melodic alt-rock, your columnist — on a goof — went over and introduced itself to the band members, just as an occasion to express how highly HearSay regarded the musical experience. Bada-bing, bada-boom, it ultimately comes out that the bass player is a native Fort Worthian! (See, kids: Rustle the trees a little bit, and a chunk o’ fruit might plop down on your noggin.) Michael Cash lived here till he was about 20, when he went to find his fortune in Dallas. He played in a bunch of bands before eventually hooking up with the rest of the guys who make up King Zero — Paul Renna (vox), David Self and Tony Palmer (guitars), and Todd Hatchett (drums). They’ve been gigging for about six months, and their next show is April 19 at the Curtain Club in Dallas. A big reason why you should seek them out: They’re pros, and they sound like it. Big, juicy riffs, complex songs that are surprisingly easy to follow, a lead singer who, unencumbered by instrument or girth, isn’t afraid to do a little jig on stage and let wail, and, if HearSay hasn’t stressed the point enough, strong and catchy songs. Plus, you’ll be doing Fort Worth a favor by supporting the home team.

Somebody’s gotta do it.

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