Hearsay: Wednesday, March 13, 2003
Goodwin Plays,Quiet Breaks Out

HearSay hates missing good shows, so your trusty columnist always makes sure to swing by at least one of the Big Three every night — just in case something’s happening that wasn’t promoted properly (read: wasn’t promoted at all). Certainly not just to get falling-down drunk. No, no, no. Anyhoo, the unforeseen happened last Tuesday at the Wreck Room: A triple-bill of solid pop-rock acts played to just HearSay and a dreadfully small cast of ne’er-do-wells: Column character Proley (whose real name, we’ve learned, is Sheldon I. Yaylo — but you didn’t hear that here), the indefatigable Ken Shimamoto (who thinks that Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee’s “Make It Last Forever” is about a cigarette), Daughter Entertainment’s Melissa Kirkendall (executive chef extraordinaire), Firelight Management’s Jed Peters (who dreams of someday embracing Jay Farrar on a beach, on a hot afternoon), No Depression rocker Collin Herring (for a minute), big cheese Brian Forella (for two minutes), and, um, two or three other super-cool people whose names HearSay can’t remember. Now, don’t worry, good citizens of Cowtown — it’s not your fault you weren’t there. See, the Wreck has, like, 17 agents booking shows now, and keeping track of who’s doing what has proved a Gordian Knot of complexity. Forella says one day he’s gonna untangle it, but, until then, HearSay can only promise that it’ll call you if something “cool” like this pops up again. For real.

The headlining band wasn’t worth cutting short a conversation on progressive rock for, specifically one on Tales from Topographic Oceans. Essentially, the outfit was decent enough, but the musicians were from Sacramento or some other godforsaken paradise and thus unworthy of a proper blessing in this column space. The other band on the bill? Eh, who can ever remember all of life’s wonderful, heartwarming details? All HearSay’s amped up about is A) lavishing praise on the third band, Goodwin, a Frankenstein of a group, built from spare parts from Big D and Fort Worth and the remnants of Muffinhead, Uncle Pete’s Parade, and Bindle, and B) hoping that the next time Goodwin performs, it’s in front of at least enough people to make for a game of full-court hoops with subs. (As cool as HearSay and its coterie are, we can’t support a live local music scene by ourselves, citizens.)

Goodwin acts like it’s been around forever, even though it’s only been together for a couple of months. The guys in the band — Daniel Gomez (guitar), Tony Diaz (vox), Matt Hembree (bass), and Damien Stewart (drums) — are old-schoolers. As musicians together, they’re air-tight, which only accentuates the poppish riffs and melodies coming out of the speakers. These boys even have an “image”: Mafia suits. “It’s about unity,” Gomez told HearSay.

Confession: HearSay and its ad hoc entourage didn’t even notice the suits. Just the songs.

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