Hearsay: Wednedday, June 13, 2002
I Can Dig It, You Can Dig It

Must have been something in the wine HearSay was drinking last week (as a respite from imbibing that sweet, sweet nectar — Miller Lite): Your columnist’s inner-hippie was shining bright. It all started last Monday evening. After knocking back some merlot and then some perfectly dry cab at Michael’s off West Seventh, HearSay and an entourage of free-lovin’, Day-Glo-wearin’ peaceniks stumbled across the way to the Wreck Room. A-hummin’ Acoustical Acupuncture, featuring shoeless Daniel Katsük of Spoonfed Tribe, was plying its solo acoustic fantasia in the front of the bar to about 30 fellow travelers. Simply: It was beautiful, man.

Late Wednesday afternoon, just when HearSay thought it had recovered from Monday’s revelry and was about to partake in a berry wine cooler (don’t laugh), it got a phone call from famous Fort Worth oenophile John Price. The singer-songwriter told HearSay that he and some pals had taken over The Moon and that your columnist should be bearing witness to all the unadulterated action going on there. Always a sucker for unadulterated action, HearSay duly chugged its sissy drink (yeah, the libation was fuchsia), and arrived at The Moon just in time to catch Price in the middle of his big crowd-pleaser and one of the best songs HearSay’s heard this year, “Closer,” with the unforgettable line (as sung by Price): “Lift me awaaaaaaaay-hey / I wanna see me / Away from me.” Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Collin Herring and his drummer (and former Price accomplice), Billy Walters, made up the audience — and what an audience it was. When Price finished, Walters took the stage and struggled through a strong, moody number he had just written (he couldn’t remember all the changes), and then Herring told everyone to shut the fuck up and blasted out an original, which, like all Herring originals, was pretty much perfect. In between songs, the gang of three expressed its desire to HearSay to make Wednesday afternoons at The Moon a regular event (known for the time being as “The Day-Drinkers Club”) where musicians from across town can come and test new material on unsuspecting-yet-sympathetic ears. “It’d be cool to get front guys from rock bands in here, with just a guitar and a singer, and let them concentrate on the song,” Price said afterward. A viable “scene,” with high levels of interaction among members of local bands, is happening right now, said Price. “It’s an amazing time.” Truly, an era of peace, love, and understanding is upon us. Garçon, more vino.

On Sugarbomb

Just so there’s no confusion, Sugarbomb (about whom HearSay wrote a sign-off note last week) will be playing their scheduled dates around town, including a gig June 21 at Ridglea Theater. Rainmaker Artists, which represents the band, also assures HearSay that the outfit is not breaking up as much as they’re “sorting through things” — which is kinda what HearSay said last week, but ... We’ll keep you posted anyway.

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