Last Call: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Caveís Lounge
900 W Division St, Arlington. 817-460-5510
Bait and Switch (and Bait)

Iím going to go on record as saying that Iíve been getting tipsy on Monday nights purely by accident. The problem (if, of course, I admit that there is a problem) is that there are always cheap-ass drink specials on Mondays. So with just about every bar having a $10 minimum on credit-card tabs and with me constantly being light on cash, I end up perched on a barstool ever Monday for a lot longer than Iíd set out to be.
You might ask why Iím always out on Monday nights, and I might answer that, well, just because. Still, if you (or I) need a less vague pretext for my excursion last Monday, letís just say I wanted to see a movie, which is why my port-of-call was Caveís Lounge in Arlington.
Now, I didnít get to see any moving pictures ó Monday Movie Night at Caveís doesnít start until, aíhem, March. But about 15 other patrons and I did get some serious drinking done, proving that Mondays arenít all they arenít cracked up to be, especially at Caveís.
Caveís is awesome. Itís the closest you can get to a noir tiki bar in Tarrant County, the staff is friendly, and the booze is a steal. I had high hopes when I got in the van: caveslounge advertises MONDAY MOVIE NIGHT, yes, in all caps. Given that the jointís vibe is right up my alley ó the dťcor is kitschy early-í60s mod with a touch of Latino punk ó I had every reason to be psyched: Would movie night at such a cool joint involve A Fistful of Dollars? Mario Bavaís Planet of the Vampires? A Russ Meyer double-feature?!
Movie nights at bars ó and drink specials in general ó have one purpose: to get boozers out of the house on nights when they would normally stay in. And so bars show B-movies or mainstream movies pretending to be B-movies, all in an attempt to lovingly exploit our hipstersí love of all things awful, rude, and cool. And in my opinion, it pays off. Who wants to go to a bar and watch Tommy Boy for the 7,098th time? Savvy film buffs want stuff they canít catch on TNT on lazy Saturday afternoons.
Unfortunately, though, some bar owners seem to think that screening Eraserhead or a bizarre kung-fu flick like Crippled Masters might be a little too out-there for most customers. And so most of the time we get another John Hughes movie, mainly because, yíknow, big-spending, little-tipping college kids have a perverse fascination with the Me Decade. (Hmm. I wonder why ... . )
Which brings us to last Monday. Iíve always thought of Caveís as the kind of place Iíd like to open. Even the Missy Elliot jam that assaulted my eardrums when I walked in didnít change my opinion.
I noticed the glaring lack of movie dialogue in the air but decided to get comfy anyway. Then Operation Ivyís ďTake WarningĒ came on the juke, and I knew that Monday would not be ill-spent. I derisively scoffed at the $2.50 tall-domestic-drafts special, which, I think, made everyone there look at me like I had three heads. (I am nothing if not completely foolish.) After a couple, three, maybe 12 bottles of Stella Artois and Maredsous, I realized that my craving for cine-magic had vanished, which goes to prove that with a vibe like Caveís, gimmicks ó and drink specials ó arenít really necessary. ó Steve Steward

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