Letters: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Non-Monopoly News

Non-Monopoly News
To the editor: Dan McGraw’s Jan. 7 story (“Snooze-O-Gram?”) on the “Dallas Star-Telegram Morning News” was a journalistic vindication for Fort Worth Weekly. I remember how pugilistic the Star-T has been toward the Weekly since its debut 13 years ago. The Star-Telegram didn’t want the competition. Well, their Monopoly game is over, and competition is knocking on their door. Now, with hard times, the “survival of the fittest” principle comes into play. Regarding their collaboration with their former competitor newspaper to the east, I guess their new motto is, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”
Teresa Johnson
Fort Worth
Here’s to the Me-Thinks
To the editor: Hey, thanks for the recent article on Ray Liberio, John Frum, and Indian Casino (“South by Northwest,” Feb. 11, 2009).
The Me-Thinks have always been good therapy for me, especially after a bad day. Feels good to raise a fist and scream, “F— yeah” while having a few beers and shots with them.
Carey Blackwell
Fort Worth
Fix the Food Agencies
To the editor: Weekly guest writer Carey Hix’s “Eater Beware” column (Jan. 28, 2009) came at an appropriate time, considering that the Food and Drug Administration has just been under the microscope for its latest fiasco, the scare over salmonella-laced peanut butter.
Congress needs to grease the FDA’s regulatory system with some funding and competency and pass new laws that will actually benefit consumers, not the FDA with its lackadaisical enforcement practices.
Both the FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture are fast becoming the enemy of the people Hix’s commentary goes the distance in explaining the hazards of genetically modified organisms. Neither agency sets the gold standard for food safety — they’re Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Why won’t the government put guaranteeing the well-being of its people at the top of the list? It’s the bottom line, of course: money.
GMO products yield more profit for those who make them. Organic foods are much safer, but their higher prices put them out of reach for lower-income pocketbooks, especially if there is a large family depending on that wage earner’s take-home pay.
It would be swell if the government would initiate a program to help folks grow their own vegetables and fruit, but they’d rather busy themselves protecting the FDA and USDA and continuing the profligate bailouts for banks and auto companies — and say to hell with the taxpayers who pay for all these shenanigans.
Yvonne Roth
Fort Worth
Chadra Revealed
To the editor: Thank goodness Chow, Baby has discovered Fort Worth’s best-kept secret — Chadra Mezza (“Mr. Friday Night,” Feb. 4, 2009)! Nehme and Christina, who run the restaurant, are also great people who give to the community. Their doors are always open for fun, and their bar is amazing! As Nehme does with food in the kitchen, Christina discovers alcoholic concoctions that please the palate. My husband gave me a surprise birthday party at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night at Chadra Mezza. Best party ever — they moved the tables out of the middle of the restaurant, and the party began, with their mirrored bar and house D.J. I can hardly wait for spring, when their patio with its herb garden is open, with entertainment.
Yours was a great article, very truthful and entertaining, about my favorite restaurant.
Eva Bonilla
Fort Worth
Ravages of Lyme
To the editor: Thank you so much for your story spotlighting chronic Lyme disease (“Hard Bitten,” Feb. 4, 2009). I am also affected by this awful disease. I am 44, married, with two young children, and have always taken great care of myself with diet and exercise. Now the pain is so bad I am bed- and wheelchair-bound, and I must leave Texas to get treated.
Susan Claunch

In the Feb. 18 cover story “Neglected Heritage,” Greg Smith, National Register coordinator for the Texas Historical Commission, was misidentified. In the same issue, the cover photo of Heritage Plaza should have been credited to Fort Worth architect John Roberts. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error and the omission.

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