Letters: Wednesday, October 1, 2003
Churches and Taxes

To the editor: I truly enjoyed your article (“A Wide Bible Belt,” Sept. 17, 2003). One point that I think needs to be made is the effect of the recently passed Proposition 3. This amendment to the Texas Constitution will allow a church like the Christ Chapel Bible Church to buy up all the stated property and then take it off the tax rolls, causing all of our taxes to go up, while they enjoy the benefits of no taxes on the parking lot spaces. I’d like to see an article about how much of an impact Proposition 3 will have on residents of the city and the tax revenue lost to city coffers. Thank you for a greatly needed article.

Scott Pavey


We Already Did That

To the editor: First you inflict two Bushes on us, and now this latest demonstration (“Crash Course in American Culture,” Sept. 24, 2003) that Texas really is the loony, authoritarian place the rest of us feared it was. As an American living in Russia, may I make a humble request? Secede. Please. Now. I beg you.

John Dolan, “the Exile”


A Pot of Thank-Yous

To the editor: You gave us a beautiful review (“Pot Power,” Sept. 24). Elegant in spirit, irreverent in tone, and informative in fact — Wuthering Heights meets Abbott and Costello and Dan Rather. Thank you so much for your insights. And by the way, I’m never going to let George live down the “crusty coot” reference. It’s so true!

Your “charming” iconoclast,

Christopher Largen


No Protest on Exhibit

To the editor: In your Static column of Sept. 3, you mentioned the candlelight vigil being held for the victims of 9/11. We appreciated the mention of the event and the fact that it was brought to the attention of your readers.

However, there is one item that needs clarification: The gathering, sponsored by the Fort Worth Society of Friends and Peace Action of Tarrant County, had nothing to do with the exhibit of artifacts from 9/11 getting ready to open at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We did not meet in support of or in opposition to that show. Our vigil was a simple memorial dedicated to those who died in violence on that day. Our gathering grieved for them and mourned for them and shared our hopes of peace and healing for the families of victims of violence everywhere. Thank you.

Peggy Turner

David Hernandez,

Co-clerks, Fort Worth Society of Friends

Editor’s response: Fort Worth Weekly stands by the facts as reported. The Static item did not say that the prayer vigil was being held in protest of the museum exhibit. However, various leaders of the peace group have said the site for the protest was chosen with the exhibit in mind.

Really Cookin’

To the editor: The readers (“Best of 2003,” Sept. 24, 2003) showed they have good taste in home-cooking restaurants: They voted 7th Street Cafe as the best! That’s because of an expert cook, Jerry Roberson, and the rest of the kitchen staff. Also friendly and great service by Susan and other wait staff. Hope those who have not tried it will give it a shot.

Roy Dan Conner

Fort Worth

She Knows Jack

To the editor: First, congrats on the Best Of issue — it was fantastic! I read the snippet about ol’ Jack Allen and had to write you and tell you my experience with that hero.

Back in ’99, when I was a process server, I had a writ to serve that, in a nutshell, required me to take possession of a child. I couldn’t do this by myself, so I served our buddy Jack, to require him to escort me as I served the rest of the papers. Every “i” was dotted, every “t” crossed, and I was set to go. That is, until I went to serve Mr. Allen, ruler of his little fiefdom.

He called lawyers, looked at all of the documents, (and clearly didn’t understand what the hell they were, but studied them with an audience of about five other men, nonetheless). The Lake Worth attorney who was present was clearly exasperated with him, and finally said, ‘Jack, everything is in order, here. Just go out there and get it over with so everyone can go back to work!’ I liked this man. Jack even told me that I needed to buy his lunch, as he was “gracious enough” to let me serve the papers. What a pompous, obnoxious little man! Jack made the entire experience miserable, and I decided then and there that I would never work out of his office again. I just thought I would tell you about my fun-filled time with him, and congrats on a hell of an issue!

Jacqueline Farmer

Parker County


In the “Best of 2003” issue (Sept. 24, 2003):

•Justin Flowers, who was named as Best Male Actor, was listed as attending Texas Christian University. He is in fact an undergraduate at Texas Wesleyan University.

•And Planet Utopia, staff choice for Best Head Shop, has closed.

Fort Worth Weekly regrets the less-than-our-best errors.

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