Hearsay: Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Radio, What’s New?

I know I’m going to get a raft of shit from my boys at The Good Show (Sundays 9 p.m.-midnight, 88.7-FM/KTCU), but as a devout listener of terrestrial radio (commercial and public alike), I gotta give props to The Edge’s Josh Venable, but not for having made more appearances in my column over the past two weeks than in the past three years. (Remember Good Show bros: The Weekly did a cover on y’all not too long ago — which should buy me a day’s head-start, right?) For the past 200 years, Venable and his Adventure Club have been an oasis amid the FM dial’s sillier-than-shit hip-hop, redundant reggaeton, bubblegum, formulaic C&W, and The Edge’s ball-less, I-hate-my-daddy! nu metal. In a perfect world, every radio station would play a steady diet of AC — and Good Show — faves: The Smiths, Elvis Costello, The Fiery Furnaces, and other tasty hipster gold. But commercial radio is nothing but a tool designed to peddle carpet cleaning services, strip clubs, and Miller Lite. That AC keeps on keepin’ on should tell Edge program directors they’re doing something right. So why the perpetuation of dreadful, anti-melodic, loud yet foppish hard rock? The only people who listen to that shit are kids (or adults who behave like kids), and Lord knows they spend money only on cheap beer and video games. Anyway, my column was not intended as yet another rant against commercial radio but a kind request to give our ancient electronic friend another chance. You don’t have to listen to The Edge — or The Twister or Jack or The Beat or even anything in English. Just put the thing on next time you’re taking a road trip or whatever and re-learn patience. Embrace the banter, luxuriate in the static, and drink in the 30-second Miller Lite spots. As the proud new owner of an iPod, I can say without equivocation that the regimen will make the instant gratification of digital music that much more rewarding. And if you’re lucky, you may tune in on a Sunday night and find yourself face to face with the happy dilemma of choosing between TGS and AC. ... Then after you get out of your car and return to insta-life, power up your laptop and cruise over to FineLineLive.com, where boss lady Cindy Chaffin will begin regularly podcasting a series of interviews with Texas music folk under the obsequious heading of (cue the Star Trek theme) Inside the Mind. (But you gotta say it like, “INSIDE THE MIIIIINNND!!!) Oddly enough, the first guest is a hero of Good Show guru Tom Urquhart’s, former Edge DJ George Gimarc. I’m sure that if ol’ George had his way, Venable and Urquhart would share the monarchy of Metroplex radio. (OK. I’ll tone down the facetiousness a little. Yes, since you asked, I am trying to get Urquhart and Venable to square off in the Octagon.) For more, visit the site. ... Now here’s one of the more interesting pleas for help I’ve seen in a while: Spune Productions needs bands to perform this Friday in Denton at Hailey’s (122 W. Mulberry St.; 940-323-1160). If interested, give ’em a shout at booking@spun.com. And tell ‘em HearSay sent ya. (INSIDE THE MIIIIINNND!!!)

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