Letters: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beam Them Up
To the editor: In your mention of Chesapeake taking over the Pier 1 building (Static, April 2, 2008), one thing you didn’t mention was their apparent intention of relighting the ghastly, wasteful, and polluting beams that pointlessly shine upward from the structure into the sky.
When the place was built, I can remember being surprised that anyone in this age would deliberately design a building to waste energy and create massive light pollution, all for no purpose other than corporate ego.
At that, I guess it’s a perfect location for Chesapeake.
Roy Treadway
Fort Worth
Millions of Ms. M’s
To the editor: Mr. Cole’s article (Second Thought, April 2, 2008) concerning the absolute breakdown of morality and ethics in America not only concerns the elderly woman he talks about but millions of Americans who are being besieged by the bloodsucking barons of big business. They care nothing about the average person. The tradition of a handshake and a person’s word has been replaced by greed-filled profiteers with credit card contracts that you need the Hubble telescope to read, all filled with lies and deception.
A good example is ExxonMobil Corp., which has made $10 billion in a three-month period yet expects the government to give it more tax exemptions. Just how much money do you need? Insurance companies, energy companies, banks, and the like can go up on their rates any time they choose. Do they care about Joe Schmuck, who’s making $10 an hour trying to feed his family and his gas tank? Hell, no. They know you have to have insurance, you have to buy gas, you have to heat and cool your house. We are prisoners of big business, and brother, do they know it.
There are millions of Ms. M’s in America, and you are one of them, whether you know it or not. Congratulations to Mr. Cole for speaking up. More of us need to stand up against this onslaught of treachery.
Bill Woodard
Fort Worth
Bravo for Bills
To the editor: E.R. Bills’ column “Emptying the Trough” (April 9, 2008) was a commentary worth more than one read. His is a worthy byline; his contributions to “On Second Thought” show his expertise in research and getting the facts. The “Trough” column gives us a new understanding of just how greedy the war profiteers and others are. The adage that “war is good for the economy” serves only those who compromise the taxpayers to enrich these mercenaries or whatever term they go by.
Mr. Bills certainly has written something that our presidential candidates ought to read and ponder. Whoever gets elected as commander-in-chief is going to inherit this trough that smells like three-day-old bouillabaise.
Billy Chamberlain
Fort Worth

Outlaw Tasers
To the editor: The Weekly’s Metropolis article “Shock to the Heart” (April 2, 2008) by Peter Gorman was quite a jolt. Tasers have been used and abused as an intimidating fashion accessory for police since their day of issue. With five documented deaths in Fort Worth alone due to the use of Tasers on suspects, our state legislature needs to re-evaluate their “over-effectiveness.” These weapons don’t merely put you out — they have the ability to put you down permanently or to cause serious medical problems.
John Peter Smith hospital carries part of the blame, too, for their negligence and incompetence in failing to diagnose Mr. Steen’s medical situation even after the first-responder paramedics had stated that he was suffering from “trauma caused by electrocution” and from chest, scalp, back, and lung injuries.
Tasers should be banned and taken out of circulation.
Teresa Johnson
Fort Worth
In a restaurant review last week, the address of Margie’s Original Italian Kitchen was inadvertently omitted. It is 9805 Camp Bowie West, in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the omission.

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