Letters: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Space Guns for All
To the editor: The ongoing militarization of space is unfortunate and probably inevitable. In that respect, the article “The Real Star Wars” (Nov. 24, 2007) is correct. However, to suggest that China kicked off the race on this past Jan. 11 or that the Rumsfeld group “blew open that door” six years previously is to ignore the history of successful anti-satellite tests by both the United States and the Soviet Union stretching back decades. The only new twist is that now it isn’t just us who can destroy satellites.
Matt Hembree
Fort Worth

To the editor: I opened my Fort Worth Weekly and lo and behold — another article about drilling and the Barnett Shale situation (“Hot Water,” Nov. 28, 2007). I think I have seen so many articles on this that you guys are going to have me spewing oil out of my own mouth when it’s all said and done!
Stephanie Carter
Fort Worth

Editor’s note: We feel your pain. But we also feel that the drilling industry represents so much potential danger to people and the environment and so much impact on this city that we could not ignore key issues that were otherwise going unreported.

Mining History
To the editor: Jeff Prince’s article “What’s it Worth to Save the Fort?” (Nov. 21, 2007) was timely and very good reading. Fort Worth is rich in history, both of the early West and current aviation varieties.
Having served in the U.S. Air Force at Carswell with the 11th Bomb wing consisting of the B-36 Peacemaker, I was disappointed when the leadership in Fort Worth did not see fit to have a B-36 museum here. Thousands of people from Fort Worth and the surrounding area built those airplanes, which were credited with bringing about a period of peace, hence the name.
Although the mayor of Fort Worth may not have served in the military at that time, it would be good if he would lead an effort to retain the city’s history via museums and other means. Local history is just not being presented in our schools.
Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it — where have I heard that?
When Rome fell, one reason given was their worship of sports. How many of you paid a month’s salary and sat in traffic for hours to attend the worship service at the Cowboys’ playpen on Thursday night? Wait until the new playpen you are paying for is ready. Even if you don’t pay $50,000 for a season ticket, you will do your part as you pay your taxes. Is history repeating itself here?
Jack O. Lewis
Haltom City

To the editor: Jeff Prince hit a gold mine with his story about the lack of interest in the history of Fort Worth. His pen took us down memory lane to learn about and appreciate a near-forgotten part of the city’s past. Fort Worth has a rich history, but our leaders tend to acknowledge and promote only the eras that will bring in money. We are missing out on the stories of the generations that forged this town into what it is today. Maj. Ripley Arnold particularly deserves to be honored for his contributions to Fort Worth.
Prince’s masterful storytelling should ignite the public interest in preservation. How ’bout it, Mayor? And the influential Basses and Carters?
Yvonne Roth
Fort Worth

A Lip-Smack to MacHenry’s
To the editor: Regarding the Turkey Award you gave to MacHenry’s, I would like to say that MacHenry’s also won a Best of 2007 award from the Weekly. That place and the people who kept it open have a very dear place in my heart. MacHenry’s, thanks for the wonderful music I was able to hear, and thanks for helping get me through a rough time in my life.
Danny Davis
Destin, Fla.

Adoptive Support
To the editor: Thank you so much for your story “Healing Humpty-Dumpty” (April 6, 2005) on the TCU Child Development Institute’s adoption program, which I read recently. I placed my birth daughter for adoption in August 2000, so this article meant a lot to me. Thankfully she has never exhibited any destructive tendencies, but then I never abused or neglected her, either. Placing her for adoption was the hardest and smartest thing I ever did, and every day it is confirmed for me that I made the right decision when I witness her life unfolding before my eyes — a life she would’ve never had with me.
I think it’s great that these adoptive parents are getting the support they need and that much is being done to address these problems in kids who are adopted internationally.
Terri Rimmer
Fort Worth

That’s Rich
To the editor: Dan McGraw’s “Building For The Rich” column (Nov. 28, 2007) regarding Jerry Jones and “his” Cowboy stadium gives new definition to the word “avarice.” I can remember that Jones even compared “his” new stadium to the Roman Coliseum!
Money and power have massaged Jones’ ego to the point of being pathological about “his” stadium, being built at the taxpayers’ expense.
Rick Orton
Fort Worth

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