Letters: Wednesday, May 22, 2003
Gun. Point.

To the editor: Last Monday night, while returning from a late movie, several friends and I were terrorized and robbed at gunpoint. Two young cowards approached our car at a red light, opened the doors, and demanded all our money and possessions. One of them stuck a pistol in our faces. This bold act netted them $150, a cheap watch, and an old cell phone. I have lived in Fort Worth most of my life and have always considered it relatively safe. Now I’m not so sure.

So it was with outrage that I read that the Tom DeLay-led House will not renew the ban on assault rifles, despite the Bush Administration’s support for the ban. Having lived abroad and seen first-hand that gun control really does work, I am sick of the NRA and its tired and misguided defense of the 2nd Amendment.

I come from a rural background, and I recognize that there are many responsible, law-abiding hunters and sportsmen out there. I do not advocate taking away their weapons, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s taken down a buck with an AK-47 or stocked their freezer using an Uzi. Such weapons, like the pistol used to rob me, serve one purpose: to kill people.

Until the people of this country wake up and take a stand, guns will continue to be readily available to criminals. And America will continue to be one of the most violent nations on earth.

Clayton McCook

Fort Worth

Worshipping Willie

To the editor: I was reading your piece on Willie (“Poet, Picker, Prophet,” May 1, 2003). I guess we all worship the man. I’ve had similar experiences and he never failed to amaze me. From one fan to another, may I say to Jeff Prince, wonderful job on your article, and I will be catching your work from now on. Kudos and see ya at the shows. God bless you.

Jason Aldridge

Fort Worth

To the editor: I don’t know Jeff Prince, which in and of itself is amazing since I have lived here since my TCU days in the mid ’60s and know just about every soul in town. But I wanted to join the long list of persons heaping praise and kudos upon you regarding your most heartfelt and uncommonly well-written story regarding one of my personal heroes, Willie Nelson.

I was born and raised in San Antonio, near Willie’s Austin/Dripping Springs “stomping ground” and feel a particularly filial relationship with this amazingly talented, dedicated, affable icon of what many of us have come to call “Texas-style country music.” Like you, I, too, have met him in person (many years ago) and found him to be most amiable, unassuming, and approachable. Your story was most entertaining and informative, and you seemed to cover so many pertinent things throughout the man’s life, in a style that was free-flowing, yet amazingly all-encompassing.

My sincere compliments to you on doing such a fine, thorough, yet concise job in accomplishing such a daunting task, given the prolific nature of your subject. Keep up the good work, and I shall look forward to reading more from you whenever possible.

Bill Jackson

Fort Worth

To the editor: Your feature on Willie Nelson was very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I could write like that.

Pat McDowell


Opening Doors

To the editor: After many years of disappointment from the Fort Worth Police Department, I finally turned to the news media for help. The murder of Carla Walker had been pushed aside for years. I first met Jeff shortly before the story “Murder & Obsession” (April 25, 2002) ran, and I found that he was interested in only facts, not hearsay. He is blunt and not afraid to step on toes. When you read his stories, you can carry them to the bank. His stories have opened up doors to me that before were closed. If the murder of Carla Walker is ever solved, Jeff Prince and Fort Worth Weekly will deserve a lot of credit.

John F. Terrell

Fort Worth

Teaching like Dre

To the editor: The best thing about my Fort Worth address is that my kids go to Crowley ISD.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. According to Rickie Clark (“Underachieving at the Top,” May 8, 2003), if I’m a white teacher and I don’t walk out of my house every morning like I’m living a Dr. Dre video, then that means the kids can’t be taught by me. That’s bullshit. Since when does your preference in music limit your ability to learn?

Oh, wait a minute, I just figured it out. Now I know why I’m so stoopid. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact that I couldn’t sit still, open up a book, and pay attention. It was because none of my teachers ever listened to Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, or Alice Cooper. Back in my day I could take four bits and buy me a whole box of No. 2 pencils. What will 50 Cents get you today? Not much, just a third-rate gumball-machine ex-con.

W. B. Massey III

Fort Worth

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