Hearsay: Thursday, February 25, 2004
Local Round-Up

Local Round-Up

You may remember Speedealer from back in the day — meth-metalheads, tattooed, loud. Well, they’ve spent the past few years away from the Metroplex, world-touring, playing about a show a day, building an international fan base one stinky club at a time. Getting off the tour bus to actually make records is probably something these guys hate. Which is why the recent release of Bleed (produced by former Butthole Surfers bassist J.D. Pinkus), Speedealer’s fourth studio recording and first honest-to-goodness studio recording since ... forever, is a big deal. And that it precedes the recent release of Burned Alive, a live c.d., makes Speedealer somewhat prolific, on par with the likes of Guided by Voices’ Robert Pollard (who cuts about a c.d. a week) and Master P’s No Limit record label (which releases about one c.d. per day). Who knows when they last graced a stage here, but they’re in town this Saturday, at Double Wide, 3510 Commerce St, Dallas. 214-887-6510. For more info, contact www.radicalrecords.com or www.deadteenagerrecords.com. ... Wild man Nathan Brown is rebooting his Euro-pop project, AC Identity, for a “reunion” show, this Saturday at 7th Haven, 2308 W Seventh. Unlike the one and only AC gig last summer (in the Ridglea Lounge), this performance will find Brown and sidekick Geoffrey Wossum plugged into amps — instead of working on battery power. Best of all, Brown will be selling copies of an AC Identity c.d. that he promises includes the band’s nuevo disco hit “Business Children.” (“Let’s go to work.”) The bill also includes Nathan Brown’s R&B (with jazz drummer extraordinaire Dave Karnes ... on guitar) and Arkansas new wavers Without. Call 817-335-0470 for more info.


Hey, kids. Time for another installment of “Musician on the Street” (or “MOTS,” if you’re nasty). This time, HearSay’s rounded up Singer-Songwriter Rex Tim Locke for a little Q&A. HearSay: “What’s the last good show you’ve seen?” Locke: “The last Flickerstick show I saw was just amazing. They have easily become the most ferocious band in the Metroplex. Who compares? But, really, I saw John Price about a month ago at the Aardvark, and it was really special, one of those things you can’t really plan. Lauren Fine was playing [too], and she seemed a little outta sorts — in a real cool rockstar way that was fun. [Flickerstick’s] Brandin and Fletcher [Lea] were sitting in ... It was just a bunch of friends enjoying each other, playing very loudly, and I became a real fan just enjoying the show, not analyzing and picking apart, trying to figure what song someone is ripping off, and doing all the things you do when you know.” HearSay: “So. Kerry or Edwards? Or Rev. Al?” Locke: “The political thing is real funny, ain’t it? Kerry seems like Gore with warmed-over circuitry and poofier hair. I don’t know much about Edwards — he might be the one to watch, in a real Deadzone kinda way. Sharpton — hahahaha! It’s time for our country to have a black president, but it ain’t him. ... [But] what does it matter who’s sailing a sinking ship?”

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