Hearsay: Wednesday, May 22, 2003
I’ve Seen the Future, and It Rawks

One of the most memorable parts of Leroy the Prophet’s memorable show last week was when lead singer Leroy talked shit on this newspaper, saying something to effect of “Fuck the Fort Worth Weekly,” and then going on to ramble about how tragic it was that his band wasn’t nominated for Best Hard Rock in this year’s annual Music Awards. Now, we here at the Weekly appreciate his concern: We’re actually glad a local musician cares enough about our parakeet cage-lining to be pissed at us. That’s cool. What’s not cool is that Leroy, a little blind to the Music Awards process, is launching verbal scuds at the wrong target (e.g., us). We here at the paper actually have little to do with which bands make the ballot. As associate editor Anthony Mariani explains in the story next to this column, a nominating committee, made up of various local industry folk, is largely responsible for how the ballot turns out. If there’s a true object of Leroy’s wrath, it’s the nominating committee — and, if not the nominating committee, then the band itself. The cream always rises, ya know? Now HearSay isn’t saying that LTP is any better or worse than any band on the ballot under the Hard Rock category. Your funky-fresh columnist is just saying that if this metal outfit were something more than a good band, making good music — maybe a band with plans on world domination? — then you’d be seeing their name, not only in our paper, but in other puppy-poop repositories, too.

Anyway, who cares? LTP needs us like a case of the runs. They’ve been playing harshly melodic cock-metal for years, and no matter what any paper says about ’em they’re gonna continue doing what they’re doing and continue drawing crowds. There’s also the possibility that they’ve become so good and so strong that the people who helped us build the ballot figured a nomination for LTP was a nomination for a band that doesn’t need the help of a little old thing like our Music Awards. I guess.

More Music Awards Shit

Here’s another story that brain-dead Mariani also left out of his piece next door: The story on how we went about choosing which bands to play the event.

The original plan was to showcase performances by all four of the nominees in the Rock category (Flickerstick, John Price, Spoonfed Tribe, and Sugarbomb). Sugarbomb couldn’t play because Sugarbomb’s future is in doubt. Spoonfed Tribe couldn’t do it because, apparently at the time the show was being put together by producer Melissa Kirkendall, Spoonfed had their sights on another gig. Pablo, a nominee for Best Live Band, was called in, ’cause they know how to get audiences dreaming of Red Stripe beer and righteous weed, prerequisites to proper partying. Same deal with Latin Express — if you’re hosting a big shindig, there’s probably no outfit better equipped to put people in a good mood than Latin Express. So that’s that.

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