Letters: Wednesday, November 28, 2002
A Long Memory

To the editor: I graduate in May 2003 with a master’s degree in journalism from the University of North Texas, the finest college in Texas. That should worry those of you who have managed to avoid justice in the murder of Chad Houston. Chad would have graduated with his second degree about next May had he not been beaten to death, allegedly by three well-connected rich boys. Well, perhaps D.A. Tim Curry and Daddy got you and your buddies out of it four years and three months ago, but some of us, including yours truly, will devote the rest of our lives to hunting for the evidence that puts you and all those who helped you avoid justice behind bars. And a big shame on the city and county citizens who, even after 48 Hours and Channel 8 did their reports, voted this poor excuse of a human being back in office for four more years. You have Chad’s blood on your hands.

Robin Fletcher


Playing for Pavlov

To the editor: Agreed, that many problems exist in the local “scene,” whatever that means, but the question we should really be asking ourselves is who is responsible for the Battle of the Bands situation at the Dreamworld Complex in Arlington (Hearsay, Nov. 14, 2002) or anywhere else for that matter? Aren’t the establishments themselves, places we are fortunate to play, actually responsible for “pitting” us against each other? Or booking agents, just looking to promote more attendance to watch the spectacle they themselves created? Maybe it’s the only place for younger bands to get a start and play just for the enjoyment of playing ... which in itself is both sad and beautiful.

Before we throw stones at the underdogs of this community, let’s look at the Pavlovian master who is actually positively reinforcing them to fight to the bitter end.

Jeff Ryan


To the editor: Being in a local band, I’ve participated in my fair share of Battles of the Bands, and I have never been comfortable with it, for the exact reasons Hearsay points out. If I wanted to compete, I’d have been a jock. “Battles” are just a way for clubs/promoters/shops to exploit struggling and misguided local bands. It does nothing to help cultivate a scene. I have long since vowed to refrain from entering or attending such an event. Keep your sports and politics out of my music. Cheers to Hearsay for reading my mind. Uncanny.

Rock the Casbah.

Gabe Ikers

Fort Worth

Another Alt-Mayor?

To the editor: For such a thorough story about the Bank One tower (“Mr. Bass, Tear Down These Walls,” Nov. 14, 2002), it would have been nice to explain why the building was deemed “too severely damaged to be repaired,” and why now it might be “destined for renovation.” Since renovation should be the most attractive solution, it seems pointless to only mention this possibility in one short paragraph and spend the rest of the article on the politics of demolition. Of course, this method of journalism could put the writer in the mayor’s office like it did in Dallas. Good luck and best regards.

Cary Eddy


New Tests for Old Murder

To the editor: I have just read the article on the investigation of Carla Walker’s murder (“Murder & Obsession,” April 25, 2002). I was a neighbor and schoolmate of Carla’s. Is there anything that can be done to have the DNA testing done? Even though many years have passed, her unsolved murder is still remembered. The testing, which is so small in comparison to her life, would finally put an end to the questions regarding William Ted Wilhoit. Thank you.

Cathy Brock


Editor’s note: Fort Worth police have declined to discuss the possibility of DNA testing in the Carla Walker case. Wilhoit, who has been serving time in Texas prison on unrelated charges, is due to be released in January.

More Gardens, Not Fewer

To the editor: The destruction of the Applied Learning Academy gardens (“Destroying a Garden to Beautify,” Nov. 14, 2002) is one of the more upsetting incidents of which I have read recently. If anyone else had destroyed this garden they would have been charged/fined for vandalism. I’m sure that the garden was not “weedy” as [Fort Worth schools trustee Elaine] Klos described, but there is no evidence to the contrary now. She probably lives in her superficial world amidst some “sterile” landscape of clipped hedges and manicured lawns devoid of wildlife.

As more and more natural areas are being taken over by urban sprawl, it is becoming essential that these “oases” be created and maintained for the preservation of species. In the world of video games and other electronic media, for the younger generations to discover the amazing natural world around us is priceless. The appreciation of nature is only one aspect of tending a garden. This activity teaches patience and responsibility. If Ms. Gordon is found to be in default with regard to her grants, Ms. Klos should have to repay them.

I am an avid gardener who just recently moved into a home from an apartment and can appreciate the loss experienced by those involved in this project. There is no way to replace what was lost. You just can’t replace time spent.

Just the other day I was trying to think of a way to create an interest in gardening in young people, who perhaps don’t have the opportunity to explore this hobby. I thought maybe there could be programs such as this at every school. Perhaps this incident will inspire others to make this happen. Please pass along my condolences to Ms. Gordon and her students. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

Evan Salituro



Lee M. Bass is vice president of the FPA Foundation, a nonprofit group that received a Turkey Award in the Nov. 21, 2002 edition. One of Bass’ famous siblings was erroneously identified as holding that office. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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