Letters: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Checks, Received
To the editor: Thank you for writing the article about Starr Tincup and their past poor business practices (“Making Good,” April 23, 2008). I am one of the freelance researcher/writers who was not paid for my work that I did while they were Jet Powered Group. At the time I was still a grad student at TCU and only took the job because the money was good and I was poor. I tried for many months to get paid for my work and never heard a word. I’m sure my contract and invoices are long gone. Eventually, I gave up trying, but it was still a sore spot to think about. I knew they had started the new business, but I never tried to contact them for payment since they were so difficult in the past. I do have all of my e-mail correspondence archived and plan to contact them right away for payment. I’ll be sure to follow up and let you know what happens. Again, thank you for bringing this problem to light and getting them to make good on old debts.
Fingers crossed!
Jane Arrowsmith
Fort Worth

Editor’s note: Arrowsmith wrote later to say she’d received payment from Starr Tincup via FedEx: “A few years late, but satisfying anyway,” she said. Starr Tincup has also squared the debt it owed to another freelancer, Weekly copy editor Margaret Allyson.

Protest an Ailing Hospital
To the editor: I think it is time for a taxpayer revolt against John Peter Smith hospital. The Weekly was the first (“Code Red for JPS,” March 5, 2008) to illuminate conditions at our county hospital. Tarrant County taxpayers should form a citizens committee demanding that our tax dollars be held in a reserve account until JPS gets its mission to our community right and a plan of remediation is executed. Given the millions of dollars JPS currently has in reserve, it would not harm operations of the hospital to hold back the public money until all issues are corrected to the satisfaction of the citizens committee. Unless and until these so-called public servants are held accountable, it will be business as usual at JPS.
Your reports and those of the Startlegram prove the current administration cannot be trusted to do the right thing.
Linda LaBeau, RN
Fort Worth

Kay, Yes. Rick, No
To the editor: Political writer Dave McNeely’s On Second Thought column, “More Perry?” (April 23, 2008) is a well-written piece that makes you stop and think about the ramifications of another term for “Gov. 39-Percent,” should he run again. He has a well-established political resumé, but it’s time for him and his policies to be put out to pasture. If he runs again, it will be his Waterloo.
U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has proven her leadership in Washington. She has served her country and constituents well, and she will be a great governor should she decide to run. As she said, “I’m encouraged by the growing number of Texans asking me to return home to run for governor, to provide leadership in our state.”
Well said, senator. You go for it, girl!
Irma Railsback
Fort Worth

Be Proud of Persevering
To the editor: The Weekly’s Static of April 30 brought attention to the misogynistic practices and discrimination toward women working in broadcast and investigative journalism at some local TV stations.
Rebecca Aguilar of Channel 4 is truly a martyr and has just grounds for filing a federal equal employment complaint against KDFW-TV. She didn’t capitulate to their practice of discrimination.
KDFW hasn’t committed itself to diversity and giving qualified minorities the chance to work and contribute to their communities and the station.
Aguilar was a valued reporter and helped with the ratings at Channel 4. She was named 2007 Hispanic broadcast journalist of the year. She can now legitimately add another line to her resumé: perseverance, which will serve her interests and win her lawsuit against the reigning phallus mentality at KDFW.
Deanna Cantrell
Fort Worth

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