Letters: Wednesday, February 6, 2003
Rig, Wreck, and Music

To the editor: In response to Scott Mann’s letter I would like to point out that Tuesdays at The Wreck Room is singer/songwriter night. They have a rotation with people like John Price and Collin Herring. On Mondays you can catch Daniel Katsuk (Spoonfed Tribe), and every other Friday you can see Brad Madden do his thing. I would also like to point out that in the last month alone The Wreck has had such bands as Slobberbone, The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Woodeye, Speedtrucker, and Eleven Hundred Springs. This is not “ambient noise” but great music.

Just because someone is in a band does not mean they are not singer/songwriters. I think Brent Best (Slobberbone) is one of the best anywhere, and Carey Wolff (Woodeye) has been known to pen a mighty fine tune himself.

I think the Wreck Room is mentioned so often because it is far and above the best club in town, if not all of North Texas. So, Scott, you can hang out at The Rig if you want to, but I would like to be the first to invite you to The Wreck Room. Come on down and let this old hippie buy you a beer and enjoy the best live music around.

Tim Burt

Fort Worth

To the editor: So J.D. Shellnut (Letters, Jan. 23, 2003) thinks the Fort Worth music scene has declined. Let’s take a look at how many great bands have played in town over the past four years. The Aardvark has showcased such acts as Bowling for Soup (Grammy nominated), Pat Green (Grammy nominated), Flickerstick (Emmy nominated), Cross Canadian Ragweed, Tripping Daisy, Kudzu Kings, Grand Street Cryers, Vallejo, Soul Hat, Monte Montgomery, Sugarbomb, Blue October, Derek Trucks Band, Cory Morrow, Zac Maloy, Jibe, Valve, Doosu, Centro-matic, John Price, BR549, Larry, Big Ass Truck, Cooder Graw, Reckless Kelly, Buck Jones, Mingofishtrap, Leroy the Prophet, Hi-Fi Drowning, OH-no, Chomsky, Graham Colton, and many more amazing acts.

The scene has also seen a rise in great new acts, such as Soviet Space, Collin Herring, Altered, Adamo, Alan, Sorta, Macavity, Audiophiles, Chemistry Set, Daryl, Lo-fi Chorus, The Feds, Radiant, Green River Ordinance, Trip Fontain, and many more bands with unlimited potential.

Mr. Shellnut, if you can’t find a band out of these names, you must not enjoy great original live music. This variety of bands does not limit you to one genre. And it’s not up to a writer to tell you what to listen to. Be your own man. Go out to the Ridglea Theater, The Wreck Room, or come by and see me at the Aardvark. There is great music being played every night in Fort Worth.

I don’t know what band you or your brother play in since, by virtue of your letter last week, I must have done one of you guys wrong. It takes years for a band to become great. Maybe you and your brother haven’t put enough work into the process.

Danny Weaver

Fort Worth

Good Constable,Bad Constable

To the editor: Great article, and I hope you keep up the good work (“You Don’t Know Jack,” Jan. 23, 2003). I am not surprised at this type of behavior in some of the elected constables, as a large majority of them have the public perception of seeking office mainly for power to feed their egos. I do not see, nor does the media report on, the good that they may have done. Perhaps we could get a follow-up story on Mr. Allen in the future or a story on the “good guy” constable if you can find one! I live in Denton County, and I am sure there are some of these types in this county as well. Thanks.

Garry Thornburg


Longer Arm of the Law

To the editor: As chief of the Crimes Against Children Unit in the Tarrant County district attorney’s office, I guarantee that this office takes allegations of sexual or physical abuse of children very seriously. In fact, after Mr. [Tim] Kaastad voiced his concerns to our office about Wirt Norris in 2001, we requested that the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Fort Worth Police Department conduct an investigation of these matters. Their investigation concluded that prosecution of all of the known allegations was barred by the statute of limitations. It was not until Dec. 26, 2002, that Will Hallman provided authorities with a written statement that he had been abused by Norris. At this time, this is the only known case which falls within the statute of limitations and, therefore, can be prosecuted. The investigation of Norris remains ongoing. Instead of attacking our office with ill-informed comments, (Letters, Jan. 30, 2003) I urge Mr. Kaastad to contact the Texas Legislature about extending the statute of limitations for child abuse, as our office has previously sought.

Jay Lapham

Fort Worth


In last week’s music feature (“Brasco Redux,” by Ken Shimamoto), the last name of Brasco drummer Greg Fontanillas was incorrect. Fort Worth Weekly regrets the error.

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